objects in blown glass and precious metals

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Elaine Hyde is an internationally known glass artist. She began her career in 1969 at The Brooks Institute of Fine Arts in California. After graduating with a BFA in 1972 she worked and trained at the Pilchuck Glass Center under the direction of Dale Chihuly. At the time, the now-famous school was in the second year of operation. In 1974 she opened her beach side studio in Santa Barbara. One of the very few women working in the male-dominated field of blown glass, she has attained a reputation for her exquisite perfume bottles and signature silver lustre glassware.
Partial list of exhibits and awards:


2014, Artist Award for glass, Sausalito Art Festival, CA
2013 & 2014, First Place Award for glass, Beverly Hills Art Show, CA

2012, Artist Award for glass, Sausalito Art Festival, CA
2010, 2011, First Place Glass Award, Scottsdale Arts Festival. AZ       
2009, First Place Fine Craft Award, La Quinta Art Festival, CA
2009, Illustrious Artist Award, Calabasas Fine Arts Festival, CA 
2008, Purchase by President Bill Clinton for the glass collection of President and Mrs. Clinton 
2007, First Place Glass Award, Scottsdale Arts Festival. AZ
2007, Wall Street Journal, “Collecting”, July 21, 2007
2005, First Place Glass Award, Affaire in the Gardens, Beverly Hills, CA      
2004, First Place Glass Award, Conejo Valley Art Museum Artwalk, CA
2004, The New York Times, May 23, 2004
2003, Niche Award Finalist
2002, Second Prize $1,000 Glass Award, Winter Park Art Festival, FL
2001, First Place Glass Award, Sausalito Art Festival, CA
2001, Second Prize Glass Award, Portland Art Festival, OR
1999, First Place Glass Award, Affaire in the Gardens, Beverly Hills, CA 
1997, “Holidays at The White House”, ornament featured in White House catalog
1997, First Place Glass Award,  Sausalito Art Festival, CA
1996, Santa Barbara Natural History Museum Directors Award           
1995, Southwest Art Show Juror’s Award of Excellence, NM 
1993, The White House, “Year of American Craft”
1991, “Cups", Signature Gallery, Boston, MA
1991, Best of Glass Award, American Craft Exposition, Evanston, IL       
1990, New York Experimental Glass Workshop, “Perfume Bottles,” NYC               
1990, American Craft Council Craft Show at the Armory, NYC
1989, Philadelphia  Museum Craft Show, PA
1989, Smithsonian Craft Show, Washington D. C.
1988, House Beautiful, “High-Toned Glass”            
1987, Paris Ateliers D’art Show, Paris, France
1987, New Glass Review, Corning Museum of Glass
1987, Brosse/Heller Scent Bottle Competition, Heller Gallery, NY
1986, “Small Works", Susan  Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, CA
1985, New Glass Review, Corning Museum of Glass
1984, “Selections in American Craft ",  San Francisco Airport, CA
1984, New Glass Review, Corning Museum of Glass
1983, Washington Home Magazine, April 7, 1983
1982, Marietta College Crafts National ‘82, GA
1981, “Selections”, Cal Poly University, CA
1980, Contemporary California Art Glass ‘80, Pasadena, CA
1977, Contemporary Glass Review, Corning Museum of Glass
1974, “American Glass Here", Santa Barbara Museum Art
1973, “West Coast New Frontiers in Glass",Los Angeles, CA
1972, “Food", A Survey Exhibition, Walnut Creek, CA




The current focus of my work is to combine blown glass vessels with precious metals and gemstones The glass base is made first then the tops are cast and fabricated to complement the piece and achieve a total sculptural design. The glass is blown, and sometimes iridized with an acid solution to create an opalescent sheen. All of the metal is sterling silver and 14, 18, and 22 karat gold. I utilize both wax casting and soldering techniques. Some vessels contain wearable elements incorporated into the design. These can be worn as jewelry. I design and make all the glass and metal elements in my pieces.




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